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Live Learning Sessions / Webinars

  • How to Achieve Superior Building Envelope Performance in Rainscreen Wall Design

    How to achieve superior building envelope performance in rainscreen wall design explores rainscreen wall design theory, how rainscreen walls control hygrothermal loads, and shortcomings of today's multi-component backup wall assemblies used in rainscreen wall construction. The course will compare and contrast the common multi-component backup wall assembly with the single-component insulated metal composite backup wall system, and demonstrate how the later overcomes deficiencies of the former in creating a building envelope with superior performance as well as other key benefits.

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  • Fire Code Compliance and Insulated Metal Panels

    Understanding how insulated metal panels comply with fire safety regulations under the code are critical to their proper use in creating highly energy efficient and sustainable buildings. This course takes a relatively complex subject and addresses the most important fire safety related aspects to allow building designers to make an informed decision on the use of these popular cladding systems. We will review how these products have been addressed in the development of the International Building Code, including their applications in both combustible and noncombustible structures as well as single and multi-story construction. The program will conclude with a look at the various third-party product listings, evaluation reports, and engineering judgements used to evidence compliance with the International Building Code.

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  • Maximizing Envelope Performance with IMP - Integrated Components

    Maximizing Envelope Performance with IMP-Integrated Components explores an advanced insulated metal composite panel building envelope system, components that have been engineered to integrate with the system – including windows, daylighting panels, sunshades, and louvers – and how the IMP system and integrated components combine to create a high-performance building envelope.

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  • Building the Perfect Envelope with Insulated Metal Panels

    Understanding building physics is critical to proper building envelope design. Examined here are practical concepts for the building designer, including how cladding systems perform across different climate zones and applications. Environmental control layers and hygrothermal loads are reviewed, as is the concept of perfect/universal wall design. The course focuses on how single-component insulated metal panels (IMPs) function as a perfect/universal wall, simplifying wall system design and installation.

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      Scheduled Sessions

    • Date: Apr 15, 2021
      Time: 02:00 PM
      State: PA
      Location: CENTRIA Webinar
      Contact: Eric Kuhlman
  • Insulated Composite Back-up Panels - A Simpler Solution

    This presentation explores exterior wall design performance; energy code requirements; influences of air, moisture, thermal, and vapor barriers; and actual project case studies are presented. This program will be an interactive session that encourages feedback and questions.

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